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Christmas Lunch

Wednesday, 6 December, 2023

We Kibworth Ramblers met at Kilworth Springs Golf Club for our annual Christmas lunch on a cold and frosty, but sunny December day.

We shared the room with a large group from the Kibworth & District U3A - relative youngsters like ourselves...

There was laughter, gossip and hugs and paper hats were much in evidence. 

We enjoyed a hot festive meal in the warm and comfortable surroundings of Kilworth Springs Golf Club.

Merry Christmas to all.

Thursday, 7 September 2023 - Treasure Hunt Walk

Seventeen, sometimes bemused, tried not to get confused,

By Derek's fiendish mind, and the answers they had to find,


The weather boded well, as we left the Wharf Hotel;

Directions all came in verse, some were easy some perverse.

In Welford local passers-by, enquired of teams just "why-

we wandered here and there"; was there help they could share?

Answer sheets handed in, marking started, who would win?
First came our ordered food, beer and ale locally brewed.

Close contest no-one shamed, the winning four were then named, 

Treasured wine taken away. Must do this again some day?

Evenings end, getting dark, jolly social - what a lark

Thanks to Derek, Julia too, and David Scott helped us through.

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