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Recent Walks and reporting Right of Way issues (below)

21st February 2024: Half-day walk - Welford

.Although it was a disappointing number, three brave hearts set off in the pouring rain against a stiff wind. The walk was on various surfaces. The fields although waterlogged were passable. We saw two Roe deer fleetingly at the top of the Hemploe by which time the rain had stopped.

We were blown back down the hill into Welford where we had a delicious meal at the pub.

21st February 2024: Full-day walk - Empingham

The forecast was for rain followed by a gusty breeze; unfortunately, the forecast was correct!

Eight of us set off in the rain and after a muddy section through a small wood we soon found ourselves crossing the Rutland Water Dam with steady rain in our faces. By the time we reached our coffee stop at Edith Weston we had been joined, as pre-arranged, by two walkers who had been delayed by a medical appointment. After enjoying free sweets with our coffee (thanks Sue), to celebrate a significant birthday, we had further cause to celebrate as the rain had stopped.

The planned walk was tweeked in response to the conditions; a circuit of Edith Weston village replaced two large fields. A large log provided a lunchtime seat and even those who missed out on the log found a sheltered place to eat lunch. Our route back to the cars included a large field with a firm grassy path and singing Skylarks and later an area of recently planted trees on land above the River Gwash. The footpath to cross the river is for very low water levels only but fortunately a metal bridge has been built nearby. 

We returned to our cars via a mini tour of Empingham village. Much of our wet weather clothing had dried in the breeze and our various devices recorded about 8.5 miles.

Reporting issues with Public Rights Of Way

Whether on a KRG led walk or under your own steam you may come across deficiencies in public rights of way. These my include dilapidated stiles, overgrown footpaths, blockages (intentional or otherwise) and a number of other impediments to the enjoyment of the countryside.  Members are encouraged to report these to the relevant authorities.


If in Leicestershire you can use their website to report issues with public rights of way

Click here to go to Leicestershire "Report it" page.

If in North or West Northamptonshire issues with public rights of ways can be reported via their "Street Doctor - Fix my Street" service using the 'Rights of Way' report option.  Click here to go to the Fix my Street website To ensure that the reporting system works properly, when you select the category of the problem make sure that you choose 'Rights of Way' rather than 'Footway/Footpath'.

Please help to keep the countryside open to all.

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