Recent Walks

17 August : Full Day Walk Exton including Rutland Water.

Some welcome precipitation made this walk cooler and damper than we have been used to. Two-tone Helen showed off her trousers and there will have to be a kit inspection for all next time out to make sure all properly cleaned, pressed and treated...

We marvelled at the 1788 Exton Park gothic folly where, in more recent times, Edward took Wallace - allegedly.

Lunch was comfortably seated by Rutland Water and, as we left, there was the wonderful owl. 

17 August: Half Day Walk Hallaton


A pleasant 4 mile walk in cloudy conditions with only occasional spots of rain. Two ploughed fields early on weighed us down (literally) - we have been spoilt by the firm dry surfaces of late.
An errant bramble attack led to a first aid stop before a coffee break at the black plastic covered hay bales. We returned to our starting place, The Fox and Hounds, where the majority sampled its delights - well somebody has to!




A very exclusive half day walk, just 3 of us.
A lovely 5 miles of sun and shade around the Oadby countryside.
Lots of fine views and a stand of Redwood trees.

Probably too hot for some, though we did find some shade.

10 August: Full Day Walk - Leire, Ullesthorpe, Claybrooke and Fosse Meadows

7 of us braved the hot weather for a lovely 10 miles which included some most welcome shaded tracks. We trod where Roman soldiers had, visited the centre of England and enjoyed our picnic in the park. Milton showed off his "home"...

3 August: Half day walk Kibworth

On a cloudy, breezy and sometimes sunny morning, seventeen of us set off from Kibworth, via a field with some mares and very cute foals.  There was little other livestock apart from two alpacas in Tur Langton, where we noted the remains of the chapel that had preceded the church. We walked past banks of willowherb, some sloes already ripe, noted that the rowan berries had already turned red and identified a solitary, tall, blue flower as chicory.  Just a few stayed for lunch at the Coach and Horses this week, at the end of a pleasant, leisurely walk.