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Future Walks


Unless otherwise stated there will be no lunch following half-day walks and you will need to bring a packed lunch for full day walks.  

All walks start at 10am from the starting point of the walk unless otherwise advised.
Any last minute changes will be notified by email.

 November 2021– February 2022


For a trial period there will be a half day walk and a full day walk on each available Wednesday.


Half-day walks will be up to 7 miles (mostly 4 to 6 miles). During the trial period there will be an easy walk (up to 4 miles) on the second Wednesday of the month.

Full day walks will be 8 to 12 miles. It is anticipated that at least two walks each month will be 10 miles or further.

Walks will be graded “easy”, “leisurely” or “moderate”



All walks start at 10.00 a.m. from the starting point of the walk unless otherwise stated. 

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