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Walking in Leicestershire and Beyond

About us _ Whitby rambling

Welcome to the Kibworth Rambling Group Website

About us

We are a walking group based around the Kibworth villages but welcoming members from further afield.

The club is run by volunteers to promote the enjoyment of the countryside, rambling and related social activities, enhancing members well-being through exercise and friendship.

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2017 and in October 2023 we had around 80 active members.

We arrange two walks a week on a Wednesday for most of the calendar year.  The walking programme comprises of full-day walks of between 8 and 12 miles and half-day walks of usually between 4 and 7 miles.  The number of participants vary but each walk might be made up of around 15 - 25 walkers.  A programme of forthcoming walks can be found on our Future Walks page.

We endeavour to organise annual spring and autumn walking holidays, as well as various other social events.  We are a friendly group of walkers who welcome and encourage new members.  Why not get in touch and join us for a trial walk or two?

Club History

Our rambling group started in 1992, when Bert and Lois Harrison invited residents of the local community of Kibworth to their monthly walk.  Bert's widow is now the KRG President.  Bert worked, with the support of Leicestershire County Council, to re-establish and mark out the footpaths, bridleways and by-ways around Kibworth and its neighbouring villages.  This work was the prelude to the extremely useful 'yellow post' marking on footpaths in Leicestershire.

Contributing to improvements for local walkers. - An update from Linda Osborn - Chair, October 2023:

I am pleased to inform you that the two gates, to which the club has contributed, have been installed and we have plaques to acknowledge KRG’s contribution. 

The process has been over two years in its development and begun at an AGM when the surplus funds were discussed and it was agreed that they ought to be given to charity. Various worthy causes were considered but finally it was agreed that the local community could benefit from the replacement of tricky styles with kissing gates. Our contribution today has been £1000.


I liaised with John Gray, a Public Rights of Way Inspector, at County Hall and he was eager to explore possible sitings in the Kibworth area and was already in discussion with farmers and landlords in the area. As a result kissing gates have been installed on the Carlton Road just out of Kibworth Harcourt on the footpath leading to Tur Langton and at Smeeton Westerby on the footpath leading to Gumley. The local authority, landlord and farmers also contribute and you will notice that in Smeeton a line of six gates have actually been installed.


I then contacted the parish councils of Smeeton and Kibworth Harcourt who were happy to grant permission for the club to erect plaques to acknowledge the club’s contribution.


So to the future. The committee would like to propose that we continue to contribute surplus funds to this very worthy cause. As we get older every gate is a plus!

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