November 2020 update

Good morning; we are in lockdown so the rain has gone away and it is perfect walking weather!

I am contacting everyone who led and/or planned a walk over the last five weeks. I am extremely grateful to you all. In total we fielded 16 groups of walkers in five weeks which was an excellent showing; especially as one week was more or less cancelled because of continuous rain. Thank you everyone.

The Government has made repeated promises that 2nd December will be the last day of the lockdown and based on that assumption I will try to put together a December programme. This is where the "please" comes in; I need volunteers to lead walks potentially incorporating walks that were planned but that did not go ahead.

As we have missed so much this year I am hoping that we can put on walks as follows:

* as Wednesday 2nd is not available can we arrange any walks on Thursday or Friday (3rd or 4th)

* Wednesdays 9th and 16th are regular walking days

In a normal year we would have a short C walk on 23rd then nothing until the New Year. However I suspect that more people than usual will be around this year so if anyone wants to offer walks on 23rd or 30th we will see what the take-up is like.

We obviously don't yet know what rules will apply after 2nd Dec. but I am optimistic that walking will be back on and therefore would like to have a programme ready to share with all members.

Keep safe and keep walking,


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