Easing of Lockdown

Resumption of Group Walks

Current restrictions on meeting people from other households remain in place until Monday 29th March so the earliest opportunity to walk in groups is Wednesday 31st March. All being well “normal” walking activities could begin after 21st June that is from Wednesday 23rd June. The KRG Committee has agreed the following staged approach:

31st March until 12th May

On the seven Wednesdays between these dates the “Rule of 6” will apply to outdoor meetings and “Outdoor Organised Sport” will be allowed. It is our intention to offer walks as we did before Christmas, as follows:

C Walks: A minimum of two bookable C walks to be offered each week limited to six participants on each walk. Some of these walks will be restricted to 4 miles to ease people back into walking longer distances.

B Walks: B walking will be in informal groups of up to six, through existing friendship groups. If risk assessed walks for more than six people are allowed (there is as yet no announcement on this), one bookable B walk will be offered each week.

19th May until 16th June

On these four Wednesdays groups of up to thirty will be allowed to meet outside and walking will be largely back to normal. However the restriction of thirty means that the places on these walks will need to be booked in advance. I will try to make this as painless as possible for all involved e.g. by a single process to cover initial bookings for all four weeks.

23rd June Onwards

The restriction of thirty is scheduled to have been lifted. No booking of walks will be necessary.

Walk Leaders

In order to arrange two C walks and, potentially, one B walk on the seven Wednesdays commencing 31st March, I need volunteers to lead walks. Please let me know within the next fortnight if you can offer a walk(s) on any of these dates.


Outdoor hospitality can recommence on 12th April. Pubs can open, indoors, from 17th May for table only service. These are all expected to be based on timed bookings. Pubs are scheduled to be fully open from 21st June.

The implications for us are as follows:

It is hoped that walk leaders will be able to find suitable pubs for walks arranged after 21st June. However it may be necessary to continue with packed lunches for a few weeks depending on how quickly pubs are able to move to pre-COVID operations.

Between 12th April and 21st June there is no expectation on leaders to arrange pubs. Any arrangements that leaders wish to offer for the group would be entirely at the discretion of the leader.

Two weeks from now I will circulate the full list of walking dates and potential walks from 19th May to the end of October and as ever I will be looking for volunteers to offer to lead walks. Given that we have not operated a “normal” walk since 11th March 2020, I sincerely hope that we can find leaders for every available date in the summer and early autumn period.


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