Walks update

Recommencing The Walking Programme

Dear Members,

We contacted you early in July with an outline of how we might recommence a formal programme of walks.

Since then we have helped to provide informal walks for members who were looking to walk in small groups and have been able to meet most expressions of interest. The purpose of this e-mail is to up-date members of the current position, as it relates to KRG, and to set out the next steps towards a formal programme. The overall aim of the Committee is to ensure that every member who wants to be involved in walks, now or at a future date, has the opportunity to be involved. We fully understand that in the present crisis, everyone has a personal view of how much contact with others he/she feels comfortable with.

We will initially be operating under the general expectation that a maximum of only six people can meet together outdoors. We currently have a leader and back-marker on each of our walks. With groups of up to six a back-marker is not needed. We are therefore anticipating two co-leaders providing a walk for up to 12 people, provided that the two groups of up to 6 remain separated by a significant gap. In due course it may be possible to have greater numbers on walks; we are still exploring the requirements to make this possible.

From the questionnaire that was circulated in late July, we know of seven “informal” groups of KRG members who have been walking together. Informal walking will continue through September. If you have not been walking with other KRG members but now (or subsequently) feel that you would like to recommence walking please let me know so that I can try to find you a walk(s) with an existing group. Also please let me know if you are walking in a small group and now wish to join-up with other KRG members in September.

Starting in October, we aim to provide a programme of four walk options each week; C- (up to 4.5 miles) C (up to 6 miles), B-(up to 8 miles) and B (up to12 miles). This gives a potential 48 places available each week. With four walks each week we will need lots of volunteers to lead walks. We anticipate that members may initially be offering walks that they incorporated into their daily exercise during lockdown.

A blank programme for October and November will be circulated shortly. Please volunteer to lead as many walks as you can.

Places on walks will need to be agreed in advance to ensure that we do not exceed the permitted maximum. If we are unable to place a member on any particular week they will have first choice of walk on the following week. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and all bookings will be via e-mail. Bookings for each walk can only be made on or after the previous Thursday. Carole & Peter will co-ordinate B- and B walk bookings and I will co-ordinate those for C- and C walks. Our aim will be to confirm details of groups with walk leaders and walkers as early as possible and in any event, no later than Monday for Wednesday’s walk.

Walk leaders should be aware of national social distancing requirements and draw attention to any narrow pathways and passing spaces. For tracking and tracing purposes, the walk co-ordinators will keep a record of who was on each walk for a period of three weeks after the walk.

Car-sharing is not recommended (the national guidance can be found on line and relates to essential journeys). When deciding on suitable parking areas, leaders need to be aware that up to 12 parking spaces might be needed. C-, C and B- walks will in most cases be morning only walks. Unless otherwise stated, B walks will involve a packed lunch. Pub stops are not ruled-out but timed table booking are likely to make such stops difficult to negotiate.

Members are reminded that the KRG Insurance is third party cover only. Members walk with KRG at their own risk.


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