Virtual tour of Clyde Islands and Hebrides

Tour of the Clyde Islands and the Hebrides

With the current lockdown in place we are short of material for a Newsletter at present. In some ways, no news is good news, but we do want all KRG members to feel they are still in-touch with one another.

Having reviewed our virtual walks programme the Committee has decided that we need a short rest to recharge our batteries and refresh our walking gear. We have also decided that the offer to join the next walk should be open to all members who have email, not just to WhatsApp users.

This does present some logistical issues. The purpose of this email, to all members, is to set out a brief schedule of our next walk and to explain how non-WhatsApp members can participate.

As you can see from the title, the tour (walking plus Caledonian Macbrayne Ferries) is in North-West Scotland. We will meet at Adrossan (on the Ayrshire coast near Irvine) and travel north until we reach the northern-most point of the Hebrides, The Butt of Lewis. The tour takes 11 days (escorted), with a three day optional extension (unescorted) for anyone who decides not to fly back to Glasgow from Lewis. On three days there will be walk options so that participants can choose a coastal walk or a mountain trek. Overall objectives are to visit as many islands as possible (hopefully some you have never heard of) and to look out for flora and fauna that we won’t come across on our Wednesday morning walks.

Unlike our previous walks where members just turned-up on the day, we need to know who is coming. Anne has kindly agreed to set up an email sub-group to enable me to send the itinerary to members who wish to participate.

All walkers will receive emails every two or three days with the itinerary for the next section of the walk. We really can’t afford to be losing anyone on this trip and people who miss the boat at any port need to know how they can re-join us. (Email users may not be aware that some of our WhatsApp walkers have disappeared at times and have even been seen walking in the wrong direction).

Unless you are very familiar with the Hebrides, following the itinerary on a map makes the trip more meaningful (even a standard road atlas will give you a good idea of where we are). If you have access to OS maps, so much the better.

WhatsApp users will be asked to let me know daily mileages each day as for previous virtual walks. Email users are asked to let me know in advance your average daily mileage on your lockdown daily exercise walks. These miles will be added to the daily total of the whole group. Should you need to increase or reduce this daily average you can let me know by email and a new average will be used; only significant changes are needed.

There are only two days on the trip when we will do high mileages. Basic miles each day will be fewer than on some of our previous walks. I don’t recommend camping or sleeping in barns on this trip and accommodation is limited on many of the islands. What I am hoping is that our total daily miles will exceed the basic planned route enabling us on most days to take in such goodies as a cave haunted by a headless piper or up-close views of Red Squirrels and Red Deer. Future emails will tell members where they have been on diversions from the basic route, based on the miles available.

For reasons that I will explain in a future email, the walk will commence in Adrossan on the morning of Monday May 25th. We hope that as many members as possible will wish to join and that you will submit your name(s) and either now provide your average daily mileage(s) (for email participants) or state that you will provide your mileage(s) on a daily basis using WhatsApp. If you can do this by the end of Thursday 21st May we can target future emails to all participants in good time to enable you to get to Adrossan for a punctual start.

David S

Please email your reply to

Emailing participants: Josephine (and John) Smith average 3.5 miles each per day


WhatsApp participants: Fred (and Freda) Bloggs using WhatsApp

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