Tilton on the Hill and Somerby 'B' Walk

Although the day was a fine one, the heavy rain of the pr

eceding night set us up for a very wet walk. Starting from Tilton on the hill, the mild weather meant we were able to wear one less layer of clothing, but it didn’t take long before a very muddy lane reminded us that winter had not yet finished its work.

Clinging to the grass verges of the lanes to avoid the worst of the sludge, we made our way toward Marefield, it didn’t take long to meet our first challenge, a normally shallow ford swollen by rains, which meant a leap across rather than a pleasant paddle. Here teamwork won the day as in various ways walker helped walker traverse the raging torrent.

Revitalised by this challenge we carried on our way through sodden fields making the walk heavy going and tiring, one wondered whether the ground would ever dry out! Leaving Marefield behind us, we entered Somerby and rested in the CAMRA award winning Stilton Cheese Inn for our lunch and the second challenge of the day - choosing a beer from an impressive range of 5 casked real ales.

Having completed 4 miles in the morning, we covered a further 5 in the afternoon, skirting the villages of Owston and Halstead. Finally, boots caked in mud, but fortunately favoured by the weather we found our cars where we left them. Another splendid walk!

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