Taking a tumble on the Hallaton walk

Having expected a low turnout due to many on holiday in sunnier climes it was wonderful to see 12 people turn up to join me on this walk. Some of the walkers are shown in the photograph taken by Della (from L to R; Pauline, Dave, Linda, Lin, Nicole, Pam, Richard and Rob.)

Meeting in Hallaton we set off north/northeast through grassy fields (except for one narrow ploughed one) towards Keythorpe Hall Farm. With hints that spring was getting closer we saw horses, sheep (but no lambs), a hare, kite and buzzard. In the hedgerows were early daffodils and snowdrops with a backdrop of the surrounding hills on a clear, mild but windy day.

While stopped for coffee just past Keythorpe Hall Farm Della and I were entertained by a field mouse popping up from its hole, having a nibble on a mangle then running back to its den to digest its find.

After coffee we headed south, climbing up until we were overlooking Goadby village. Passing through a muddy horse farm we came out onto the Goadby to Glooson field road before taking a path across fields and downhill towards Glooston Lodge. The last field down was very slippery so it seemed a good idea to get onto a track along the bottom as soon as possible........

For me this ‘good idea’ was a bit of a disaster as I slipped on some mud and hurt my left arm. I didn’t realise it was bad but was told by the group that I passed out 3 times! They were all great, very concerned and considerate. I was able continued the walk through a farmyard and a couple of fields and over a stile back onto the road into Glooston and The Old Barn Inn, which the proprietors kindly opens especially for us.

Although it was a wonderful lunch I don’t have much recollection of it, apart from washing loads of mud off my hands, being very hot and not focussing very well. Fortunately Andy McQuaid had driven out to join us for lunch and to everyone’s relief he took me off the Market Harborough Cottage Hospital, where a broken arm was diagnosed and plastered!

Della and Richard took charge of the map and the group and all arrived safely back at Hallaton. Thanks to everyone who helped out and for your messages etc. I am fine and will be back across the fields soon.


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